Most Common Injuries from Hand Tools

Do it yourselfers save money by being handy around the house. A well-stocked toolbox is their constant companion. When using power tools, it’s easy to keep safety in mind—electric and pneumatic tools require careful handling. The noise they make and the force they generate are built-in reminders to be careful. Manual tools, on the other […]

Need help finding mental health, food or shelter resources? Here’s how Times are tough, but they don’t have to be. Racine County Eye is kicking off a twice-a-month video series called Racine County Speaks, a program about organizations that help. In our first episode, Hollie White, the project coordinator for Improving Children’s Mental Health Through School and Community, talks about how Racine County Eye residents […]

Ways To Save Energy in Your Home

Finding ways to make their homes more energy-efficient has become a greater necessity for many modern homeowners. Unlike in past decades, many new homes are being designed and built for greater energy-efficiency. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save energy in an older home. There are many simple methods you may not […]

How To Winterize Your Screen Porch

In Racine, summer snaps into fall and fall quickly vanishes into winter. If you’re lucky enough to have a screen porch on your house, you’ve had the chance to enjoy summer breezes without bothersome bugs. In winter, however, screen porches let icy winds and snow blow through. Here’s how to winterize your screen porch. Clean […]