A Racine man is charged with aiding a felon and possession of a firearm by a felon after video showed him helping a suspect get away from the scene after a Jan. 10 shooting at Rojo’s Pub, 1313 Yout St.

John Vallin, 39, was reportedly involved in the shooting, which injured two people. Josh Vallin, 17, is charged with two counts of attempted homicide for the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, a witness told police that everyone was having a good time at the party, but that John Vallin called someone a name, and was asked to leave. She said she saw John Vallin holding a gun, and shoot it once up in the air. At the same time, the witness said Josh Vallin ran past the door, shooting a gun.

Other witnesses gave similar accounts of what happened.

John Vallin initially denied having brought Josh Vallin to the bar, but video footage of the outside of the bar showed both the Vallins there, with Joshua Vallin running and firing a gun. The criminal complaint states John Vallin was also seen on the video, and he then admitted bringing Josh Vallin to the bar, and taking him away after the shooting.

John Vallin has a felony conviction and is prohibited from ever possessing a firearm. He is charged with aiding a felon for reportedly helping Joshua Vallin leave, after knowing that the teen was involved in a shooting where two people were injured.

Joshua Vallin is in custody on a $100,000 cash bond. John Vallin’s bond was set at $10,000 cash.