A Racine woman was arrested for child neglect after bringing her 18-month-old daughter to the hospital Tuesday with significant burns on her legs, that a human services worker said did not appear accidental.

Alexandra Luckett, 21, is charged with child neglect for the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, Luckett said that on Friday she was using a flat iron and placed it on the floor. She walked away for a time, and heard someone scream for her. She came back to find the little girl had the flat iron stuck to her leg.

Luckett said she pulled the iron off the girl and put Vaseline on the burn, but could not get a ride to the hospital, and called the girl’s father to have her brought in. He reportedly took the girl to a hospital in Kenosha, and then returned her to Luckett.

Luckett said the girl acted normally on Sunday, but on Tuesday was running a fever and coughing. Luckett took the girl to a prompt care center and was directed to the emergency room.

Luckett’s aunt, with whom she and the girl were staying, said she never asked for a ride to the hospital.

Luckett was arrested on outstanding warrants for robbery and retail theft, and on the new charge of child neglect for not taking action sooner or attempting to call rescue for significant burns to her daughter’s leg.

The robbery charge stems from a 2013 incident in which a girl reported being jumped and robbed by a group of people. Luckett is accused of being part of the group.