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The City of Racine Common Council will once again have the opportunity to vote on necessary rezoning at the corner of Ohio Street and Washington for a proposed CVS Pharmacy.

After the city Planning Commission Wednesday failed to recommend the rezoning of several properties into a unified community shopping district with a vote of 3-1, council members could vote for it, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Representatives for CVS at the meeting expressed their frustration when city staffers asked commissioners to consider the rezone request separate from the company’s potential site plan, the story continues.

“It is being presented tonight that the council itself is requesting this rezoning as opposed to, or separate and apart from, TMC’s application,” CVS Attorney Richard Donner is quoted as saying. “This is confusing, because the city has increasingly asked, since this happened, what TMC’s intentions were: Whether it still wanted to build at that site, and, whether it still had the properties under contract. All that information has been given to the city.”

After being rejected last August, Alderman Henry Perez introduced a reconsideration measure, but it was defeated Sept. 1 with the 8-7 vote in which Mayor John Dickert cast the tie-breaker, saying approval would have set “a dangerous precedent.”

But on March 1, alderpersons in a Committee of the Whole meeting voted to rescind its rejection and sent the matter to the full Common Council where members voted 7-6 to send the matter back to the Planning Commission.

CVS had an option to buy the buildings housing Racine Cyclery, American Coin, the vacant building in between and the empty check cashing store next door to Racine Cyclery. The store also was going to buy at least three homes and level it all to make way for the new pharmacy and parking lot.

When the matter will be listed on a Common Council is up in the air.