Now that the Village of Sturtevant has the deed for Cobble Court in hand, a once-disputed parcel along Durand Avenue, officials are beginning to explore how to market them and other properties with an eye to to the future.

The village will likely see a growth-boom if Foxconn Technology Group builds a manufacturing campus in the area. Even if the plant is located in Kenosha, a spillover of population and growth is expected in the village. Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, has proposed building a 20-million-square-foot manufacturing campus. The entire Foxconn complex will be located on at least 1,000 acres — about 1.56 square miles — and include hiring up to 13,000 people.

Racine County Eye has learned that land owners in Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant have received offers from a commercial real estate firm representing the Flying Eagle project, the code name for the Foxconn project. Other media reports have also mentioned the Town of Paris in Kenosha as a possible location. Sources have also told Racine County Eye that over 100 other companies could come to the area as well.

“The spin off is gonna be huge,” said Jayme Hoffman, village president for Sturtevant.

How Cobble Court Got Divided Up

Located across the street from Farm and Fleet, 8401 Durand Avenue, the parcels are known as Cobble Court after a shuttered residential development that was once slated for the area didn’t come to fruition.

During the foreclosure process of the property, the county became the owner. But since Sturtevant installed infrastructure in the area for development, it wanted the property.

Officials with the village offered to purchase the properties from the county, but the request was denied. The dispute came to a head in March when Sturtevant filed a lawsuit against the county seeking to gain ownership of the properties.

An agreement was then reached and Sturtevant was left with several parcels along Durand Avenue, and the County with about 60 platted parcels north of Sturtevant’s land. The County is opening up the land for bidding and is hoping to get more than $300,000, according to Sturtevant officials.

Now Sturtevant is looking at their new land and trying to figure out how to market it.

Sturtevant And Racine County Plan For Growth

The land is zoned commercial and it’s also part of their newly formed tax incremental district. Any future development of this land is being looked at with a view of how the village can generate the most increment, and therefore revenue for the village.

“I’m thinking more of heavy commercial,” said Sean Waiss, chair of the Community Development Authority.

Waiss thinks the village should look at marketing the commercial property to a moderate-sized grocery store. With the county looking at developing the residential land north of the village’s commercial land, he thinks they should pursue development that will mesh nicely residential needs and desires, he said.

The community development authority members kicked around a couple of other ideas such as a daycare, or coffee shop, or even a large entertainment or recreation complex. Village engineer and Public Works director Jeff Seitz said the parcel is large enough to hold a few commercial developments.

Village engineer and Public Works director Jeff Seitz said it’s hard for the village to attract large commercial chains with its low density: “We don’t have the rooftops,” he said.

“The population has always been a hinderance when we looked at commercial development in the past,” said Chris Wright, former village trustee and current civilian member of the village Planning Commission, said, “But that could all go out the window if Foxconn chooses Racine County.”


Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.