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Letter to the Editor: The complexities of reforming the City of Racine’s law enforcement agencies

Although I agree that some officers of the Racine Police Department undoubtedly need to undergo resocialization training as it pertains to their dealings with the city’s Black population, I think it is imperative that the training is facilitated by local specialists. Let me be clear from the start, this applies to officers of all races […]

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Op-Ed: Chancellor Ford Discusses Talent Pipeline For Wisconsin And Beyond

**Editor’s Note: This op-ed was submitted by UW-Parkside. I have great news to share: A record number of students, 388 to be exact, were eligible to participate in our recent Winter Commencement. More students have graduated from UW-Parkside in the past decade than during any other 10-year period in the university’s history. In addition to […]

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OPINION: Skeptical about whether Foxconn is happening?

Whether you see the $10 billion Foxconn Technology Group manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant as a boom or boondoggle, it’s happening. At least the first phase is. But you wouldn’t know it by reading some national headlines, which seemed to change significantly over the last week. Foxconn: Media report about suspending construction project inaccurate Homes have […]

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Opinion: Nominate Horlick Football Coach Brian Fletcher for most valuable coach

The best coaches do more than just coach, they connect to the good in their players and inspire their communities. From elementary school to high school, the most valuable coaches are the bright lights that bring communities together with meaningful connections. U.S. Cellular empowers their efforts by connecting these coaches to the resources they need […]