A 33-year-old Madison, CT, man is accused of stalking an ex-girlfriend via text messages and then breaking into her Mount Pleasant residence in September.

Court records indicate a $35,000 arrest warrant was issued for Mohammad T. Alnabulsi, who was charged Tuesday in Racine County Circuit Court with felony counts of stalking and burglary.

The two felonies carry a total fine of $35,000 and 16 years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint:
A woman told a Mount Pleasant police officer that she had been involved in a relationship with the defendant from November 2016 to May 2018. While they were together, he had been abusive to her and he was arrested for domestic abuse against her.

Since they broke up, the woman stated the defendant moved to Connecticut. From May of this year, he had sent her hundreds of text messages and left more than 100 voicemails on her phone.

On June 1, the defendant allegedly sent the woman a text message that said, “tonight, my flight is booked,” which gave the woman the impression he was going to show up. She said she tried to block the number, but he used many different phone applications and created different numbers.

Police contacted Alnabulsi and told him to stop contacting her.

Around Sept. 11, the victim stated that Alnabulsi sent a group text to her father, mother, sister, brother, and ex-boyfriend that included nude photographs of her that were taken when they were together. The texts ranged from apologetic and expressing love for her to insulting and threatening sexual acts.

At approximately 7:45 a.m. on Sept. 24, the woman came home, sat down and Alnabulsi tapped her on the shoulder. She said she and her mother screamed at him to get out, and she thought he may have walked in behind her. Alnabulsi then fled the residence. She then called 911.

Court records indicate that Alnbulsi is scheduled to be returned on the warrant and for an initial court appearance Wednesday, Oct. 3.

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