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The Racine Planning Commission Wednesday pressed “Pause” on CVS Pharmacy’s plans to build a new store at Ohio Street and Washington Avenue.

Citing traffic concerns as their primary concern – including entrance and exit points on both Ohio and Washington – commissioners said there are too many points that need to be resolved before the project can move forward, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Developer TM Crowley appeared before the city Planning Commission Wednesday to request rezoning and a conditional permit for a proposed 13,225 square foot store at the southeast corner of Ohio and Washington. The current store at West Blvd. and Washington Ave. would close.

To make way for the new store, CVS plans to buy and demolish 3 homes and the buildings housing Racine Cyclery, American Coin, the vacant building between them, and a former payday loan store. Racine Cyclery would likely close, and the owners would retire, but American Coin would move to a new home on Lathrop Avenue purchased by CVS for the store.

Residents who live nearby are also concerned, the newspaper story continues, about the impact a new, 24-hour store will have on traffic, noise, and property values.

The Planning Commission did not deny TM Crowley’s applications; by deferring any action, commissioners are giving the developer and city staffers the opportunity to work together to resolve the issues.