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**Editor’s Note: This story was contributed by Janine Anderson
A Sturtevant police officer patrolling Renaissance Boulevard on Sept. 17 stopped a vehicle that had failed to dim its high beams, a traffic stop that led to a teen’s felony arrest.
Kevion A. Minor, 18, of Chicago is charged with driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent and receiving stolen property.
According to court records, Minor was driving the Honda coupe at the time. The officer asked Minor to turn off the high beams, but he did not appear to know how to do that, and instead turned off all the car’s lights.
The officer ran a check on the car and found it had been reported stolen in Waukegan a week earlier.
Minor later told police an unknown person gave him a car, which meant the car was stolen, saying “no one is just going to give you a car.”
Minor was originally charged in September, but appeared in court on the charges on Tuesday.