Press release

The Downtown Racine Corporation is excited to announce the chosen artists of the 18th annual Downtown Public Art event. The project features benches with the theme: Racine’s Past, Present, and Future.

Artists are given full creative freedom to devise unique, kid and family-friendly designs that embody the theme. The project will feature 32 benches that were built by the Veteran’s Outreach of Wisconsin.

“Seven of the artists we selected are doing a Public Art piece for the very first time in our 17-year history. It is exciting that we have a combination of well-known artists as well as up and coming ones. I believe this year’s theme of Racine’s Past, Present, and Future, as well as our partnership with Veteran’s Outreach, sparked some new-found interest from artists all over Wisconsin,” said Kelly Kruse, Executive Director, Downtown Racine Corporation.

From June 10 to September 2 the benches will be on display throughout Downtown Racine. On June 8, the finished benches will be unveiled at the Public Art Preview Party. Once the benches are sold at the Public Art Auction on September 7, a portion of the proceeds will go back to the Veteran’s Outreach. (Location and time of the Preview Party and Auction are TBA)

The 32 chosen artists are as follows:

  • Nancy Barthuly
  • DeRose Family
  • Paul Muckler
  • EverGreen Academy
  • Samantha Moe – Park High School
  • Michele Feiner
  • Meghan Polzin
  • Alexis Flores
  • Prairie School – Visual Art Dept.
  • Michael Gaertner
  • Tom Pulice
  • Susan LaCanne & Gateway Students (new)
  • Jil Radtke
  • Megan Hirsch
  • Angie Rayniak
  • Joan Houlehen
  • Tara Schmidt
  • Evelyn H. Smetana and Susan LaCanne
  • Southern Wisconsin Center
  • Brenda J. Lois
  • Claire Stein
  • Olivia Manlove
  • Jasmine R. Van Brocklin
  • Veteran’s Outreach
  • Anna Matson
  • Erica Vetrovec
  • Rebecca McGowan
  • Kelly Witte
  • Connie Meredith
  • Spencer Nolan Young
  • Nicole Zoe Miller
  • Nicole Zimmer

There are six Bench sponsorships still available. If you are a business that would like to sponsor a bench, please contact