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Racine Alderman Edward Diehl announced Wednesday that he is running for mayor against incumbent Mayor John Dickert.

I am not from Racine, not Wisconsin, not even the Midwest but my wife and I have adopted Racine as our home. Now I am asking the taxpayers of the city of Racine to adopt me as the next Mayor of Racine,” he told Racine County Eye.

Diehl is originally from a Northeast Pennsylvania but has lived in Racine for 10 years. He was elected to the city council last year and says he was encouraged to run for the city’s highest office by residents.

I have received many, many phone calls and emails over the last four or five months and it has been humbling and empowering,” he added. 

Diehl says he will be a servant-leader if elected, which means he plans on connecting with as many facets of the community as possible and leading “through service and being an example.”

“Servant-leader means connecting with the community – even having office hours – and rolling up my sleeves to work with people at the city, taxpayers, businesses and volunteer groups,” he continued.

He will file nomination papers later this year and is working on filing the necessary paperwork that makes his campaign official like naming a treasurer so he can collect campaign donations.

Voters will head to the polls April 7, 2014.

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