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Madison – Today the State Assembly passed legislation to address concerns for our elderly population. “I am pleased to have supported each of these bills today, said Wittke (Wind Point); caring for our most vulnerable population is a priority to me”.

Elder abuse is a growing concern. Reporting of physical, emotional, and financial abuses are on the rise. Assembly Bills 44, 45, and 46 will strengthen existing law and empower frontline financial workers to take necessary steps to protect vulnerable and disabled individuals. From my own experience, a loved one was duped into paying significant monies to “save a grandson who was traveling abroad”.  If these protections had been in place, a financial institution could have stepped in to halt a questionable transfer of funds and my loved one would have avoided the significant loss of retirement income.

The bills, which were drafted following the work of Attorney General Schimel’s Task Force on Elder Abuse, now move to the State Senate for a vote.