It was a chilly night in Racine County on Oct. 29, but West Ridge Principal Joe Hill kept up his end of a fundraising deal and spent the night on the roof of his school.

At the beginning of October, Hill challenged his students and their families to a raise a few thousand dollars during a recent PTA drive. He promised to spend the night on the roof of the school if they met the goal, never dreaming that the final tally would be well above anything he imagined.

In just a few weeks, students and their families brought in $15,000, and Hill found himself planning a very different kind of camping trip.

“The evening started off chilly but once the wind died down, it wasn’t too bad,” Hill told Racine Unified communications staff. “All the money will directly support West Ridge Elementary School and our families. It was well worth a night outside.”

Hill’s four children joined him, and he invited the West Ridge community along for the ride by live streaming the event and reading a bedtime story.

He said he’s happy that his students and their families really got into the fundraising effort even if it ended in a chilly night and blurry eyes the next day.

“It was a lot of fun. I was extremely tired the next day but it doesn’t matter, it’s all for a good cause!” he said.