Congratulations are in order for William Horlick High School football player Adam Rosquist for receiving the 2016 Burlsworth Character Award.

Brandon Burlsworth was a walk-on member of the Arkansas Razorbacks football team from 1995 – 1998 and a member of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts for just a few days. After being drafted in the third round in 1999, Burlsworth was killed in a car accident, a story from FOX Sports reads.

A movie about Burlsworth and his reputation for giving nothing less than 100 percent on and off the field will be released later this year.

Rosquist was chosen as a Burlsworth award recipient not because he may or may not be the best player on the field but because he never gives less than 100 percent and is a great example for his teammates.

Not only did Rosquist get an early copy of the movie, his name will also appear in the credits.

Way to go, Adam!

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