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Students in the Racine Unified School District are showing progress in reading and math, testing at or above the national average in all grade levels.

Measures of Academic Progress – MAP Testing – measure student progress throughout the school year. Tests in the fall create a benchmark, and tests in the spring reveal how much progress students have made in reading and math.

Jakki Moga, Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability for Elementary, said the number of students increased in each grade who are testing at or above the national average in reading. Kindergarten and first graders all tested above the national average in reading.

In grades 1 through 7, there are similar results in math; greater numbers of students are testing at or above the national average.

But, even better, spring testing shows the achievement gap in reading for students of color may be narrowing. Black students in fifth and sixth grades and Hispanic students in third, fifth and eighth grades are showing greater numbers of students who are improving.

“The three year trend shows incredible improvement,” Moga told the Unified communications office. “It’s definitely something to celebrate.”

Since 2013, 1,223 more students are meeting the target in reading, and 58.5 percent are meeting math targets, up from 53.8 percent in 2013.

Moga told the district that efforts like FUNdations and First in Math plus professional development for kindergarten and first grade teachers are paying off.