Photo credit: Racine Unified School District

Racine Unified students are at it again; working to make our community a better place. Nine students were recently recognized by the RUSD Board of Education for their efforts.

The students who received the Peacemaker 2014 award are:

  • Isaiah Trussell, REAL School
  • Teahelahn Keithrafferty, Walden III
  • Emily Romeril, Case High School
  • Samuel Kohlmann, Case High School
  • Trevor Jung, Case High School
  • Lucero Rocha, Horlick
  • Danielle Riedel, Park High School
  • Luis Vega, John XXIII
  • Anthony Ramirez, Focus on Community

Here is the criteria students have to meet:

  1. Organizing/leading peacemaking or diversity projects or activities
  2. Participating in peacemaking or diversity events or activities
  3. Learning about, demonstrating and modeling non-violent, peaceful alternatives
  4. Creatively engaging fellow students in peace awareness projects

The Racine County Peace Coalition, Educators Credit Union and Kiwanis Club of Racine help support this award.

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