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Facebook users, this is for you:

Facebook has a new way of showing what you see.  Up until now, sometimes you will not see what you expect, other times you would.  But now you have full control over what you see all the time.  Many of you will see on Facebook a story we create on Racine County Eye.  But sometimes Facebook using their timeline algorithm would prevent you from seeing our story on Facebook.  This is our informational post which hopefully will make the days of not seeing our posts something you will not have to deal with anymore.

The secret is creating your own personal “Interests List.”

For example, you could create your own “News” list.  You could add Racine County Eye, CBS58, CNN, Fox, WISN, or any other News site you already follow on Facebook.

Here is how you do it:

First go to your “Interest” Page and follow the directions.  To start, you click on “+Create List”.

A pop-up window appears which will show the pages you already follow.  If you are creating a “News List” then just click on those news page sites you want to view.  A check mark will appear on each page site you click on.   After you have selected your News sites merely click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.

The pop-up page is still there.  Now you will see a place to name your List.  For example, “My News List.”  The next thing is to answer whether or not you want to make your List public or share it with friends.  The most private option is to just let yourself see it.  So, you would select “Only me.”  We recommend that.  On the right side of the pop-up you will see the selections you created before you came to this page.  Finally, click on “Done.”

Now to using your new List.

Normally, when you bring up Facebook, your timeline will appear but with Facebook deciding what you will see.  But now you have the ability to see just those in the list you created.  On the left hand side on your “Home Timeline” look for “Interests”.  Under that you will see the List you created and named.  For example, “My News List”.  Click on it and Facebook will then show those items you selected on your Interest List.

The advantage to these lists are you will see every post sent out by those sites.  So, for example, instead of “hoping” you will see all of our news, the lists will assure you that every post we create will be seen by you.  Kewl eh?

Finally, to return to Facebook deciding what you see, merely click on the “Home” button you have always used.