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RACINE – One person was hospitalized after a house fire started by someone burning alcohol in the 300-block of Luedke Avenue Saturday morning, authorities said.

An occupant of the house told police she was warming alcohol in a pan to melt ice on her car when it ignited, according to a press release issued by the Racine Fire Department. She told police she tried to take the burning contents of the pan out of the house but tripped, spilling burning alcohol on an area rug in the kitchen and on the floors of the living and dining rooms.

On arrival, firefighters found residents outside extinguishing burning possessions from inside the house. The fire inside the house had been extinguished, according to a press release by the Racine Fire Department.

Emergency medical responders transported one injured person to Ascension-All Saints Hospital for treatment.

Heating up alcohol on a stove is dangerous, and doesn’t help thaw out a frozen vehicle, authorities said.

Officials also warned that a hydrant near the house was inaccessible in the event of a larger fire and asked city residents to clear snow for three feet in each direction from hydrants in the city.

Three fire engines, a truck, an ambulance and a quint – a type of smaller fire-fighting vehicle – were initially dispatched to work on putting out the fire on Luedke Avenue. But the response was downgraded after officials discovered the fire inside the house had been extinguished, according to the release.

Racine police also helped with traffic control during the incident, according to the release.

The fire caused an estimated $10,000 damage.

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