With new backpacks, shoes and nervous excitement — thousands of children headed to their first day of class on Tuesday in the greater Racine area.

So we thought we would share some of your photos of their excitement. Have a great school year!

Mylee Farrell is headed to 1st grade at Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary.
Josue Torres heads to Racine Unified Montessori School as a second grader.
Ashton Spaulding will head to the 6th grade and Aleyna Spaulding will be a 3rd grader at Gilmore Fine Arts.
Fallon, 9, will head to 4th grade and Britton, 12, will be in the 7th grade at Gifford School.
Sean, 10, is entering the 5th grade and Ian, 8, will start the 3rd grade at Gifford School
Nar’Ajha Haynes, 10, heads to the 5th grade this year at Gilmore Fine Arts.
Alexandra Zamecnik starts the sixth grade at Gifford School.
Rachel Grace Schimian, 12, heads to the seventh grade at Evergreen Academy.
Siiri McNeill, 14, will begin her freshman year at JI Case High School
Ryan Gardiner, 17, starts his senior year at JI Case High School.

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