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Remount Ambulance in Service
The first of two remounted South Shore ambulances went into service a few weeks ago, and is working and looking great. SSFD Chief Robert Stedman was on-hand with the rig’s crew at the Sturtevant board meeting earlier this month to show the unit off to trustees. “It looks brand new,” he said.
After years of dealing with aging ambulances, South Shore Fire has 1 brand new unit and the first of two remounted rigs. A remount takes an existing ambulance box – the large area in back where crews care for patients – and puts it on a new chassis with a new engine, wiring, etc. The new ambulance was designed to be remounted multiple times if necessary. A second remounted ambulance will complete sometime this summer.
Sturtevant Trustees Chris Wright (l) and John Johnson check out the first of two remounted ambulances South Shore Fire will put into service this year. A brand new rig was delivered last fall as the first step toward replacing all six units in the department’s fleet. Each remount costs around $109,000, and the second remount is expected to complete later this summer.


One reply on “First Remount Ambulance in Service”

  1. Heather,
    Great story. Who was the Trustee that brought this huge cost saving to idea to the Village to save the tax payers in the ballpark of $500,000 and educate both the fire commission and the Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant Village Boards, that there are ways of saving money with out cutting services or throwing grandma under the bus. looks like they have egg on their faces. I think this trustee would make a good Village of Mount Pleasant President. I had a chance to see this rig up close and personal and talk to some firefighter. They are very happy they love driving it and say that you can not tell the difference from a new one. Keep the good stories coming.

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