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Residents of all ages in the Mount Pleasant Lakeside neighborhood will have additional opportunities for learning, job hunting and computer training thanks to a $2,000 grant from First Weber Realty.

John Crimmings and Julie Lang, both of First Weber, officially presented the check with MPPD Officer Matt Prochaska Monday at the village board meeting.

The money will be used to purchase four laptop computers, some accessories and to strengthen the internet connection in the Lakeside COP House, 2237 Mead Street.

“This is a great opportunity to start on some initiatives that address needs in the neighborhood,” Prochaska told trustees while displaying the kind of laptop the grant helped purchase. Prochaska is the lead officer for the COP house.

Students can use the computers to access and complete homework assignments – including credit recovery – while adults can conduct their job search from the COP house and build their resume.

The grant is especially timely; Prochaska was contacted on his way to the meeting by the Racine Literacy Council to add computer training to the ESL (English as second language) classes already held at the house.

Realtor Julie Lang worked with Prochaska and noted the difference in the neighborhood since the COP house first opened a year ago. She said the First Weber grant program is statewide and that local realtors contribute to the foundation.

Racine General Sale Manager John Crimmings said he was proud to be part of the work being done in the Lakeside neighborhood.

“We really value the work being done,” he said. “It’s great stuff, and the change is evident even when you just take a casual drive through.”