I think most of us go through life with ideas about what the opposite sex wants in dating, partnership and even marriage.

I’d like for you, just for a minute, to stop thinking your traditional thoughts and be open to what you are about to read, because it may be revolutionary.

  1. Men want to lead. Yes, ladies. Men enjoy the “Old School” approach of making plans, picking you up, opening doors, pulling out your chair, helping you with your coat, and paying for a date. Why? Because it allows them to lead and to make you happy. If you don’t find this in a man, you are dating the wrong one. (at least on the first few dates. Now, I know you are thinking there is an “obligation” with that….nope. None. They simply like to lead. (And honestly, ladies, don’t we kind of dig that anyway?)
  2. Men are not mind readers. While us gals have hurricanes, floods and the entire world spinning in our brains at any given moment, men don’t know what that is, and need to be told what we are thinking and want. We are already at Point M, when men may be at Point B. Communication is key, they certainly can grasp complex issues and resolve them, so being told, in as kind a way as possible, will pave the way for relationship equality.
  3. Men like to make us happy. As stated in the last paragraph, most men aim to please, unless you are dating a narcissistic sociopath. All we have to do is tell them, with love and kindness; not in a demanding way.
  4. If you think a man will only want to be with you if you have monkey business on the first date, you are wrong. Getting frisky too fast shows him the following-you only want sex, you are insecure, and you don’t value yourself. A man worthy of you will wait until you are ready, and have far more respect for you if you state your needs. Again, talk to him and tell him what your approach is and what works best for you. If that doesn’t suit him, better to get it out in the open sooner versus later.
  5. Men like women who are smart, strong, secure and successful….BUT, they also want you to NEED THEM! They want to be nurtured, supported emotionally and loved, just the same way we do. Men can lead, but they also want that soft, feminine, playful, flirty supportive side because it gives them a place and purpose in the relationship. Relationships shouldn’t be the Clash of the Titans….it should be Love, Actually! I know this sounds old school-like a woman’s place is by her man….hogwash. A woman’s place is to be by the man who deserves her, and vice versa.

About the author

Lori Mendelsohn is a local resident. She purposefully connects people both personally and professionally through her company Smart Funny Single. Her intuitive skills guide her to introductions and that has resulted in many marriages. Nothing makes her happier using her true purpose in life.

If you have dating and relationship advice, feel free to email her at loribethmendelsohn@gmail.com. She is currently recruiting singles who wish to date amazing clients for dating leading to long-term relationships.

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