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Nonprofit Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is to unite our community in an effort to prevent substance abuse and to inspire healthy life choices.

Please provide a paragraph or so about what your organization does in the community. Include any recent achievements, projects, and goals.

We are based in Racine, Wisconsin where we teach important life skills to the youth and families of Racine County. We work to provide the tools necessary to set the people we serve up for long term success through programming, coaching, and mentoring. We do this through a number of researched-based model prevention programs serving over 7,000 youth in Racine County each year. Most notably is our LifeSkills Training Program that is brought to most 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade students in Racine teaching them communication skills, social skills, and peer refusal skills. We also are proud to have the longest-running FAST program in the country. FAST stands for Families and Schools Together and strives to build positive relationships between parents and the schools while empowering the parents.

What would you like the general public to know about your organization and ways they can help/support you?

One way volunteers and supporters can help is by sponsoring a Family Game Night event in our community. Each month our agency picks a community location to host this event to celebrate families and to let parents
know the import role eating a meal and playing board games can have on their child’s development and helps create protective factors in youth. Sponsors can help in three ways, volunteer at a Family Game Night event, purchase new board games to be given to families at these events or sponsor the meal for the event.