Starting May 21, 2020, people who receive FoodShare or Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits will be able to order and purchase food on Amazon’s and Walmart’s websites using their QUEST or P-EBT card.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service has approved Wisconsin’s request to expedite implementation of online food purchasing at authorized retailers for people who receive FoodShare or Pandemic EBT benefits. To become authorized, retailers must meet online purchasing requirements determined by the Food and Nutrition Service. At this time, the Food and Nutrition Service has only authorized Amazon and Walmart to accept online payments in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services will support Wisconsin-based retailers as they work with the Food and Nutrition Service to become authorized in Wisconsin.

Purchasing Process

When purchasing food on Amazon’s and Walmart’s websites, people will be able to choose an EBT card payment option and enter their card details. They will be asked to enter their card PIN each time they check out.

People can only use their QUEST or P-EBT card to purchase eligible food. If they are ordering other items at the same time, they will be asked to enter another form of payment to purchase those items.

Amazon and Walmart provide more information about the purchasing process on their websites.

If people experience an issue while making an online purchase with their QUEST or P-EBT card, they should first check that they have a balance on their card by going to the ebtEDGE website, using the ebtEDGE mobile app, or calling QUEST Card Service at 877-415-5164. If they have a balance, they should contact Amazon or Walmart customer service for assistance.


Delivery options depend on location. Amazon delivers across the state and offers free shipping on eligible orders over a certain dollar amount. Walmart delivers to certain locations or offers pick up at the store.

Both Amazon and Walmart may charge a delivery fee in some cases. Delivery fees cannot be paid with QUEST or P-EBT cards; they must be paid with another form of payment.

Other Purchasing Options

Some grocery stores offer other options to help people purchase their food safely and easily. For example, people can order their food online or over the phone, choose an EBT card payment option, and swipe their QUEST or P-EBT card when they pick up their order, either curbside or in store. People should check with their local grocery stores to see what options they offer.

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