Gary Feest

Name three long-term goals you have for the Village and why you chose them.

Public Safety would be number 1. Financial stability of the municipality would be number 2. And best practice for growth in this Village would be number 3.

Residents of Mount Pleasant deserve to be safe in their community. We work within the budget to give the fire department, public works, and the police the tools and manpower to do their job.

Having a good understanding of our finances in this municipality gives staff and the board the ability to make sound financial decisions for today and the future. And as Foxconn becomes more of a reality in this village, that future growth does not impact the residents in a negative way.

What are the three biggest challenges the village faces and how would you address them?

Lake Michigan erosion, Foxconn development, fire department response times, police staffing, public works manpower and equipment, and infrastructure deficiencies. These are all challenges that could be rated in the top 3. The best solution is to seek the advice of experts in their fields on solutions, work with our staff and finance department to find ways to solve these ever constant problems. Remount ambulances, add members to the police and fire departments, and an EMS house at less than a quarter of the cost of a fire station to provide Emergency Medical Services in a timely fashion to more residents of our village are some of the solutions brought forward. More needs to be done.

The Village is poised for growth. How should it adapt to that growth?

As a village, we have a comprehensive land use plan. Use that as a guide to make sure our growth is metered in a financially stable way. As an example, let’s take Fire Department EMS service in the village. At approximately 4 million dollars plus to build, and 2 million to staff, building new fire stations in the village is a daunting task. Two years ago I advocated the possibility of an ambulance house to be placed in some of our areas with poor response times. We now have an EMS house being constructed in the northeast area of the village at far less cost. If successful, I’m hoping this board can see to putting another up in the southeastern area of the village. With Station 8 covering the south central and west portions of the village, a potential new fire station north of Foxconn paid for by the new tax increment District Number 5, to cover the western and north areas, Station 10 and the Sturtevant station handling the central and north areas of the village, I believe we have covered a major portion of the village and the areas that have lacked service for years.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I would describe my leadership style as an intent listener who tries to gather as many facts and ideas before I make my decision. I am not hesitant to question authority if only to get to the heart of the matter.

Why should people elect you?

My 8 years on the village board and the knowledge I’ve accumulated over what has and hasn’t worked is a valuable asset to the decision-making process we will go through in the future. If enough residents in this village understand my integrity and morals guide me in the decisions I make, not just “what’s best for the village,” then I would be honored to serve as Trustee in seat #4.

Learn about Gary Feest’s challenger, Floyd “Skip” Leonard.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

Find your polling location here.

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