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Despite a general downturn in oil prices, the pain in the pump in the greater Racine area is not expected to change anytime soon thanks to a refinery shutdown in Indiana.

The BP refinery shutdown last week caused gas prices to surge just when motorists were looking forward to gas prices falling, possibly to below $2. Michigan representatives are asking BP executives for answers since unscheduled repair work is cited as the cause of the shutdown, a story at reads.

The Whiting, IN, plant is the largest in the Midwest and supplies the state plus most of Wisconsin’s neighbors with their fuel, the story continues.

Prices around the area were around $2.55 a gallon early last week but are now hovering around $3.19 a gallon, according to A few BP stations have posted prices of $3.29 a gallon.

Ashvin Shah, manager of the BP station at 8929 Durand Avenue in Sturtevant, told The Journal Times that gas sales were slow Wednesday and Thursday but picked up again by Friday.

American Automobile Association spokesperson Michael Green understands the frustration drivers are feeling.

“We previously had expected gas prices to drop about 15 to 20 cents a gallon in August,” he is quoted as saying. “It’s tough to see gas prices going up at a time when most people had thought we would see significant savings.”

In any event, it could be another month or two before prices start to fall again.