The J.I. Case High School Eagles Football team are within striking distance of winning new uniforms from Under Armour, and the team needs your votes to put them over the top.

Case as of Sunday morning was in second place behind Port Charlotte High School from Florida; 10,552 votes compared to 14,713 votes, respectively. Coaches entered the team on Jan. 19, and asked on the team’s Facebook page for the community’s support.

Votes can be cast by visiting Voting continues through Feb. 1.

In their contest entry, Case football coaches pointed out the high coaching turnover in recent years and that 70 percent of the student body is on free or reduced lunch.

“This program has had 3 head coaches in the last 7 years. There is no continuity in the program. Our staff at Case high school is trying to establish a culture of winning and continuity,” the entry reads. “Our school is about 70% free and reduced lunch and many of our students that live in single parent homes. With that said, our athletes are fighting other battles before they even think about their competition.”

Additionally, uniforms ordered by a previous coach were delivered with the wrong numbers, inconsistent spacing and sizes for the offensive line. Current coaches use tape to alter the jerseys to meet playing requirements.

“We have some jerseys with wider numbers than others. We have some jerseys that are the wrong size for the numbers … we have our 50-79 numbers in a size ‘large.’ This is a problem because our offensive linemen are supposed to wear those numbers,” the post continues. “In order for some of our biggest linemen to play we have taped 7’s over our 9’s in our 90’s numbers to be eligible to play offensive line.”

They go on to note how new uniforms will go a long way in pulling the team together with a greater sense of pride and contribute to the winning attitude coaches work to instill in their players on and off the field.

“The new look that we are trying to create will create a enthusiasm around this program that will (create) momentum for years to come,” the entry concludes. “There is no way that I could ever provide that to these deserving athletes without your help.”

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