So, you want to play golf. It’s a very established and classy sport, one that we often see the elite and affluent play (stereotypically speaking). As simple as the sport may look, there’s actually a lot of components and physical preparation that is needed to succeed in it. The golf gear, too, needs preparation so you can understand its different types.

Golf is often associated with businessmen, who often use the activity to discuss their work or possible partnerships and business transactions. In fact, it’s recommended that individuals pick this sport up in order to improve their business acumen. Golf is an enticing activity with many national and international tournaments, and it can also be used for charitable purposes.

In simple terms, golf involves players using various clubs (golf sticks) to hit balls into a series of holes. These holes are spread out in a large course with varying levels of difficulty, and the goal is to hit it in the hole in as few strokes as possible. The actual scoring of it is a little difficult. Each hole has a par score. For example, a par 5 hole requires the golfer to hit the ball 5 times into the hole to achieve a par score. The score is expressed how much under, even or over they are from that par number. So, if a golfer strikes the ball 60 times in a par 72 course, their score is: 12 under par. If the golfer strikes the ball 74 times, the score is 2 over par.

In addition to scoring basics, each beginner at golf must become proficient in the types of sports equipment involved in the game. Here are some basic information on the golfing essentials:

1. Choose An Appropriate Golf Club Length

Before we get started on knowing the basic golf clubs, beginners must take into account their physical build, especially their height. The golf club length is critical to having a good golf game. One that is too short may lead you to hit the ball too fast. One that is too long will make it rough for you to “close the gap” (more accurate) between the tee and the hole. Both scenarios will lead to an improper form as you try to accommodate the length of the club.

2. Get To Know The Basic Clubs

Golfers carry as much as 14 clubs in their bag. As a beginner, you won’t need that much. The ones you really need are:

  • A Driver (this is the most important club)
  • A Putter
  • A Sand Wedge
  • Irons (6-Iron and 8-Iron)
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Woods

Some general advice for purchasing these is to try before you buy them. Ask a professional at a large golfing store. Also, inquire about the loft. Having extra loft means that the ball will be easier to get in the air and shots flying straighter due to reduced sidespin. This is the best option for people who have no experience with stick sports (tennis, hockey, or baseball). For the Driver, go for something with 10 degrees of loft. For Woods, go for 17 degrees, not 15.

3. Pick The Right Golf Balls

Even golf balls have to be chosen wisely. When you’re in the store, try several brands to see which feels the most natural off the putter surface. If it’s your first time playing, buy packages that cost $20. If you’ve played a little before and have an idea of how many balls you lose per round, then you should be able to decide how good quality the golf balls will be. If you lose fewer balls, you should be more comfortable with getting expensive options.

4. Purchase Golf Gloves For Protection And Grip

One important accessory you can add to your golf gear are the gloves. This is often an overlooked gear but gloves can be used to achieve a better grip. This will keep it slipping from your hands easily. Second, gloves simply protect your hands from any callouses. Typically these are worn on your non-dominant hand as it gets the most contact and work with the club. Also, it’s usually worn for longer shots. This is because for shorter shots, the player needs a better feel. Just ensure your glove fits perfectly—not too loose or too tight.

Final Word

Of course, with any sport or activity, practice is key. Golf is no exception and requires repetition and constant feedback on your form. As for the equipment, make sure you have the basic clubs, an appropriate club length, comfortable golf balls, and fitting golf gloves. Get that sorted and you’re all set. Here’s to your hole-in-one.


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