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This is the portion of the meeting at the end of the April 13, 2015 Village of Mt. Pleasant Board meeting where Administrator Kurt Wahlen talks about his relationship with outgoing President Mark Gleason. These guys go back a long long time and it became clear that Mr. Gleason had approached Mr. Wahlen and asked whether or not he would like to take on the position of Mt Pleasant Administrator before the Mt. Pleasant Election where Mr. Gleason won a two year term. When Mr. Gleason became President of Mt. Pleasant, there was a closed session where a number of trustees of the Village board had no idea that Mr. Wahlen was about to be interviewed by them for the position of Administrator. What resulted in that closed session resulted in a motion in open session to hire him. The issue isn’t that Mr. Wahlen wasn’t qualified but rather that the appearance of impropriety occurred without potentially posting the position in the first place. There was a sense of Mr. Wahlen being hired without knowing if there was a better candidate available. But these two guys were back together again. Listen for yourself.

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