Three psychologists agreed that Cristian Loga-Negru, a Romanian national, suffered from a mental illness when he killed his estranged wife in 2014 with a hatchet, but they do not agree that he was not aware of the wrongfulness of his actions at the time. 

Cristian Loga-Negru, 39, of Illinois, pleaded before Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz in May to a single felony count of first-degree intentional homicide for killing his estranged wife Roxana Abrudan, 36, in Mount Pleasant and attacked her with a hatchet in the yard. He was in court on Tuesday in front of Racine County Felony Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz to determine whether Loga-Negru is not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, which would then result in the county establishing a treatment plan and not court-ordered prison time.

Prosecutors called Deborah Collins, a forensic psychologist, to the stand to unravel the testimony of Dr. Nathan Glassman, a neuropsychologist who does forensic evaluations. During the closing arguments, Collins said that Loga-Negru denied having hallucinations, but during his testimony on Monday he told the court that he really did see Abrudan in his cell even though he knew she was dead. Collins likened the visions to “hauntings” and said they were really a product of Loga-Negru’s guilt. But his attorney’s Patrick Cafferty and Mark F. Nielsen said that he had been having the hallucinations for weeks.

Gasiorkiewicz is expected to decide Wednesday whether Loga-Negru should be held criminally responsible for his wife’s death. To make the determination, Cristian must have a mental illness, the criminal behavior could not be controlled and he was not aware of the wrongfulness of his behavior at the time due to the mental illness.

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