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Getting into and out of the Blain’s Farm & Fleet parking lot will get easier – and safer – with the addition of a traffic light at Durand Avenue and what is now 84th Street as part of a larger improvement plan.

Sturtevant trustees last week approved an agreement with the state Department of Transportation that spells out the scope of work involved in what is just one piece of an overall improvement plan for the Durand Avenue corridor.

Here’s how the project shakes out:

  • Willow Road will be redirected around the south end of Waxdale to connect with 84th Street.
  • A traffic light will be installed at Highway 11 and 84th Street.
  • The current Willow Road will cul de sac just north of Highway 11, and a reconnect will make the businesses at Willow and Durand accessible from the cul de sac.
  • 84th Street south of Highway 11 will be renamed Willow Road and connect with Willow Road at Broadway.
  • Two driveways on Durand Avenue into American Metal Technologies will be eliminated, and access will instead come in off of the new Willow Road.

Sturtevant Engineer/Public Works Director Jeff Seitz told board members that the DOT will pick up the tab for the 84th Street and Durand Avenue improvements and the removal of the traffic lights at Willow Road and Highway 11. Realigning Willow Road eliminates the need for widening the railroad trestle just east of the intersection.

“This is a good deal for the village because the state is saving a lot of money by not having to widen the railroad overpass there at Willow Road,” he said. “Usually the state splits the total cost 75/25, so both the state and the village are saving a significant amount of money.”

Highway 11 is slated for improvement – widening, new turn lanes – at some point in the next few years. The Willow Road realignment project will take place in 2017.

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