RACINE COUNTY, WI — Authorities in Racine County say the Highway 32 road re-construction project is on schedule to be done by Nov. 15.

Caledonia police are advising members of the public to avoid using 6 Mile Road to get across Highway 32, saying that drivers who do so are creating a hazardous road condition and are delaying the project.

“One worker already had contact with a vehicle while trying to work, lets not have another, please use the detours,” Caledonia police said in a statement this week.

Other Project Details

The intersection of 5 Mile Road at Highway 32 is now closed. There is access only for residents who live and work along the construction zone. Pavement was ripped and now the concrete will be broken up.

Box culverts are being worked on around Harvest and Matthew. Access to the OMG Bar is available via Matthew Drive.

The turn signal at the intersection of Highway 31 and 6 Mile Road is in place, and is waiting for workers to cover the yellow lines at the intersection to create the turn lane.

There will not be a turn signal at Highway 31 and 4 Mile Road for southbound traffic. Caledonia police said they requested the turn signal at that intersection, but that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation vetoed that request on account of the traffic count is not being high enough to support adding that signal.

Police also said there will not be a three-way stop sign at Four Mile Road and N. Green Bay Road for the same reason. “This would cause back ups on Four Mile Rd west of the intersections in the curves, creating a hazardous condition,” Caledonia Police said.

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