Area drivers rejoice: work on Highway 31 between Washington Avenue and Highway MM is slated to (mostly) end next month, but early delays could mean some work at Spring Street extending into the new year.

The Journal Times is reporting that the contractual end of the Highway 31 project is Nov. 17, but utility work and heavy rains earlier this summer delayed some aspects of the work, making it possible that construction at Spring Street could continue for a few weeks past the deadline.

Mike Pyritz, regional communication manager for the Southeast Region of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, told the newspaper that work on the roadway is top priority and that landscaping, sidewalks, and restoration are what could continue into 2018.

Landscaping typically takes place in the spring, the story continues, so plantings have a full season to take hold.

According to the state’s roads project website, the whole point of the work is to improve the overall condition of the Highway 31 by resurfacing the stretch of road between Washington Avenue and Highway MM with improvements of the intersections at Highway 31 and Washington Avenue and Highway 31 and Spring Street.

Spring Street east of 31 will look like the west side of the intersection, with a divided median and wider lanes, Pyritz confirmed for The Journal Times. There will also be dedicated right turn lanes for going north on Spring Street and south on Highway 31 as well as longer left turn signals to go north and south on Highway 31 from Spring Street.