Before a planned public information meeting Monday about the Highway V project and its associated costs, residents who live on V will hold a press conference at Mount Pleasant Village Hall.

In a press release issued Sunday morning through Community for Change, the residents say they want the larger Mount Pleasant community and the media to understand that the average assessment comes to 30 to 42 percent of total property value.

To help property owners understand more of the ins and outs of the trustees have scheduled two meetings to discuss with residents the proposed assessments for the sewer and water project along Highway V.

The first is a public information meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, and the second is a statutorily required public hearing. During both, residents will have the opportunity to ask questions of both the board and village staffers.

A proposed schedule of assessments was posted March 9 on the Mount Pleasant village website and was mailed to Highway V property owners at the same time.

Residents who live on Highway V are vehemently opposed to having sewer and water extended along the road because they say even with a 20-year, interest free deferment, they fear losing their home.

One home, for example, is being assessed over $53,000 but is only valued at about $130,000. Land zoned for agricultural use, though, will never be assessed – even if it’s sold – as long as it remains agricultural.

Certain circumstances would trigger activating the assessment for either sewer or water or both:

  • Rezoning the land use designation
  • Selling the land or dividing it except when selling to an immediate family member like a parent or child
  • Developing the property for anything other than agricultural uses
  • Connection to either sewer or water or both

Sewer and water is being run along Highway V from Caledonia down to Highway 20 in Mount Pleasant as part of a development plan for Caledonia in the immediate future and for Mount Pleasant in a few years. What was supposed to be closed system would not have cost the residents on Highway V anything, but village officials say installing a gravity system instead helps prepare for future commercial development in the area.

Having a gravity system means homeowners on Highway V would typically be required to hook up for both sewer and water, but Mount Pleasant trustees voted last year to change village ordinance the eliminates that requirement.

Mount Pleasant Village Hall is located at 8811 Campus Drive. Call (262) 664-7800.