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Residents who live along Highway V will have the opportunity to ask questions of Mount Pleasant trustees, Caledonia officials and the head of the Racine water utility.

Mount Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski confirmed that Highway V residents will receive formal invitations in the mail for a Q&A neighborhood meeting June 15 at Village Hall. The goal is to give residents an open mic for two hours to have all of their questions answered and concerns addressed.

“We need to have a meeting where everyone is there who can answer the residents’ questions,” Garski said in a phone interview Thursday. “This is the one thing that’s been missing from this whole deal.”

In addition to Mount Pleasant trustees, Caledonia President Bob Bradley, Caledonia Administrator Tom Christensen, and Racine Water Utility Manager Keith Haas among others are slated to be present.

At issue is a contract the villages signed in 2008 where Caledonia agreed to pay Mount Pleasant $5 million (plus interest) when and if Caledonia hooked up to the sewer connection that runs along Highway 20 out to I-94. Because the corresponding connection hadn’t been established, Caledonia wasn’t required to make any payments to Mount Pleasant.

Original designs called for the system to be closed, meaning residents would not have access and would therefore not be assessed for any of the work. The Village of Caledonia was considered the developer driving the project, so by state statute residents would not be required to pay.

An amendment to the agreement though, has outlined a combination forced (closed)/gravity system that will be open, and residents will have to connect to it for both sewer and water service.

For the last several months, residents who live on Highway V have made their opposition to the project known and have been a vocal and visible presence at village board meetings. Former Trustee Don Schulz is the spokesperson for the Citizens of Highway V, and he said he’s heard about the meeting, but doesn’t have a lot of details.

“I haven’t received the letter yet, but I can tell you we have some reservations,” he said. “But I sent out emails to everyone to get a list of questions and then have one person do the asking. The goal is to get as much information as possible.”

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. June 15 at Mount Pleasant Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Call (262) 664-7800.