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Photo credit: Hospitality Center Racine


The Hospitality Center this winter has so far sheltered as many individuals as it did the entire previous season.

Rev. Kevin Stewart, director of the center, said in an email to supporters that 64 men, women and some children have found shelter for 50 consecutive nights. Between 25 and 30 people sleep at the Center each night.

“As of Christmas night, 64 of our sisters and brothers have been safe and sheltered for 50 consecutive nights (52 nights total),” he wrote. “It is important to note that 64 equals the total number of persons sheltered the entire previous shelter season.”

A cold and blustery November gave way to an almost balmy December for most of us.

For the area’s homeless, the change in temperature only meant that their days weren’t quite so cold. Come nightfall, however, and the need for a warm place out of the elements was just as much of a priority.

Stewart noted there is still a long way to go before spring, and he promised the Hospitality Center’s doors will remain open to those who need it.

“No telling what the final number of persons sheltered will be at the end of this season,” he added. “No one within our reach gets hurt the by cold or dies from the coldest of temperatures when it is within our power.”

The Hospitality Center is located at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 614 Main Street. Call (414) 405-5619 if you know someone who needs help or to donate your time, talents and/or needed items.