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When Rev. Kevin Stewart confirmed Tuesday that cash donations to the Hospitality Center were about $38,000, he was thrilled. But, he was a few thousand dollars short.

Early Tuesday evening Stewart posted an update, and cash donations received through Monday total $46,274.68.

“It’s beyond amazing,” he told Racine County Eye. “I mean, my gosh, the way this community responded.”

Financial contributions continue to come in to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 614 Main Street, where the Hospitality Center is located and through PayPal.

Donations of money, food, and supplies like clothes, bedding and toiletries are helping Stewart and Center volunteers operate overnight emergency shelter through the end of the winter.

Stewart stressed that a long-term solution is necessary, and his dream is have a building for a 24/7 operation.

“There is always someone who needs a sandwich, or somewhere to go, or even just some company, and I see the Hospitality Center as being able to provide all of that,” he said. “That is my dream.

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