Here’s how Racine County voted in the 2018 partisan primary election on Tuesday. The winner of the overall state or district is listed after the Racine County vote totals. Only the contested races are listed.

The winners of the party race will go on to run in the general election, which will be held Nov. 6. Check back often. We’ll be updating the page.

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Racine County Partisan Results

Party Primary (precinct reported: 69 of 69) 

Times Cast: 35,238

Republican: 16,197

Democratic: 15,331

Libertarian: 69

Wisconsin Green: 30

Constitution: 17

Total votes: 31,644

Republican candidates (Contested races)


Scott Walker: 15,818

Robert Meyer: 841

Total votes: 16,669

Winner: Scott Walker

Secretary of State

Jay Schroeder: 9,294

Spencer Zimmerman: 3,776

Total votes: 13,107

Winner: 71.3 percent

State Treasurer

Travis Hartwig: 9,951

Jill Millies: 3,466

Total votes: 13,457

Winner: Hartwig won with 72.3 percent of the vote.

U.S. Senator

George C. Lucia: 383

Leak Vukmir: 9,001

Griffin Jones: 157

Kevin Nicholson: 6,927

Charles Barman: 134

Total votes: 16,615

Statewide race: Vukmir won with 49 percent of the vote.

Rep. in Congress District 1

Jeremy Ryan: 1,343

Paul Nehlen: 1,281

Kevin Adam Steen: 1,754

Brad Boivin: 197

Bryan Steil: 8,524

Nick Polce: 2,883

Total votes: 15,999

Winner: Bryan Steil won with 51. percent of the vote.

Representative to the Assembly District 62

Robert Wittke: 3,931

John Leiber: 1,885

Total votes: 5,824

Winner: Bob Wittke

Democratic Candidates


Andy Gronik: 257

Matt Flynn: 1,326

Tony Evers: 5,917

Josh Pade: 71

Mike McCabe: 839

Mahlon Mitchell: 4,493

Kelda Helen Roys: 1,865

Paul R. Soglin: 503

Kathleen Vinehout: 716

Dana Wachs: 156

Total votes: 16,156

State race: Tony Evers won with 41.7 percent of the vote.

Lt. Governor

Kurt J. Kober: 5,373

Mandela Barnes: 9,930

Total votes: 15,335

State race: Barnes won with 68 percent of the vote.

Secretary of State

Doug La Follette: 10,090

Arvina Martin: 5,487

Total votes: 15,602

Winner: La Follette won with 65.9 percent of the vote.

State treasurer

Dawn Marie Sass: 4,548

Cynthia Kaump: 4,111

Sarah Godlewski: 5,813

Total votes: 14,504

Winner: Godlewski won with 43.4 percent of the vote.

Rep. in Congress District 1

Randy Bryce: 11,325

Cathy Myers: 5,713

Total votes: 17,053

Winner: Randy Bryce with 61.4 percent of the vote with 76 percent reporting.

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