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Being the newest employee at the office can be daunting, and you don’t want to start off your new job on the wrong foot. To help you navigate the ins and outs of office relationships, we’ve prepared a guide on how to maintain healthy relationships at work. With these five easy tips, you’re sure to be everyone’s favorite coworker by lunchtime.

Avoid gossip

One of the quickest ways to create bad blood in your office is by gossiping. In smaller offices, it can sometimes be difficult to completely distance yourself from office politics or resist the urge to eavesdrop on your coworker’s conversations. If you do happen to hear personal information about a fellow coworker, stop the rumor mill in its tracks and don’t spread the gossip any further. Keeping out of office politics and disengaging from the gossip will show your coworkers that you are mature and trustworthy.

Exude honesty

As children, we’re taught that honesty is the best policy, and this adage remains true in the working world. If you’re having issues with a project or feel that you’re not understanding something, don’t try to muddle through and simply hope for the best. Instead, speak with your coworkers or manager and honestly explain the issues you are facing. They will be better able to help and, in turn, will feel more comfortable being open and honest with you in the future.

Practice professional communication

Building on the concept of honesty, effective and professional communication in the workplace is also an important habit to adopt. When engaged in conflict with a fellow coworker, it is indeed important to address your grievances head-on and with honesty, but you should still do so in a professional manner. Rather than starting an all-out brawl in the break room, calmly ask your coworker to speak with you in a more private location where you can both share your perspectives in a mature manner. This will show your peers that you’re willing to address differences respectfully and will help you maintain your professionalism.

Exercise active listening

Show your coworkers that you respect their time by actively engaging in conversation with them. Putting down your phone and directing all your attention to your colleague shows that you care about what they have to say. Whether you’re discussing an upcoming project or weekend activities, actively listening to your coworkers will make them feel more valued and will overall lead to more effective communication in the future.

Keep a positive attitude

Positivity can be infectious, and a good attitude helps make a long workday feel much shorter. When you radiate positivity, it is more likely for other people to respond in a similar manner. Remember that a simple smile can go a long way and spreading good vibes around the office makes for a happier, and friendlier, work environment. Ultimately, one of the easiest ways to maintain healthy relationships at work is to simply treat your colleagues with kindness and respect.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for Patch.com, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.