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Two local businesses say customers have received calls from bogus companies claiming to be affiliated with them, but company representatives say the calls are a scam.

Both Keystone Heating & Air Conditioning and First Call Heating & Cooling told The Journal Times they have both spoken with customers who reported calls from companies claiming to be “sister companies” and asking for credit card numbers.

Sarah Katt from Keystone told the newspaper she’s worried about her customers losing money and about the potential damage to the company’s reputation.

“For one, it’s a loss of money for our customers,” Katt is quoted as saying. “And it’s a loss for us … we don’t know what kind of job they’re doing for the customers.”

Wisconsin Better Business Bureau spokeswoman Lisa Schiller cautioned individuals to be wary of any calls for money and to write down the phone number and any identifying information the caller provides, the story continues.