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Obtaining present-day employment can require a slew of applications, interviews, and pre-employment screenings. This long hiring process may involve drug testing for security purposes. Many private employers utilize drug screening as a means to ensure the safety of their staff and businesses.

To foster drug-free workplaces and job sites, employers in high-risk industries engage in routine testing throughout employment to lessen the risk of personal or public harm. Let’s closely examine the top industries that commonly require drug testing, either by federal regulations or by means of a legal drug-free workplace policy.

Transportation and Government

As drug and alcohol abuse can impair an individual’s physical or mental abilities, certain industries by law must decrease the likelihood of drug-related work accidents for public safety. Transportation is surely one of these industries that commonly require drug testing both upon hire and randomly after. Employment within this safety-sensitive sector requires extensive operational responsibility.

The transportation sector includes truck drivers, bus drivers, airplane pilots, train conductors, and other professionals who regularly operate moving vehicles that transport passengers. Besides the Department of Transportation (DOT), other defensive departments or national security roles under the government require a mandatory regulated drug screen to avoid potential damages from workplace accidents.

Construction and Manufacturing

Organizations that also commonly require drug testing fall within the sectors of manual labor. Construction work is another safety-sensitive role within a high-risk industry. Daily hazards include tall heights, heavy-duty machinery, and harmful chemicals. On building sites, screening for substance abuse is not always mandatory yet remains pertinent to reduce the possibility of further hazards.

Manufacturing is also a sector calling for employee testing to eliminate the potential of costly errors that can damage property, people, and reputation. An error within a factory or firm could risk the safety of clients and consumers, as the everyday role of these individuals is to create high-quality products and goods for the public.

Healthcare, Hospitals, or Medicine

Sectors within the healthcare and medical realm generally require workplace drug testing for the safety of patients. Medical professions call for critical thinking, decision-making, and mental soundness. Each state customarily regulates these testing laws. Substance abuse is also a major concern within the healthcare field because of employee access to medications and pharmaceutical resources for patient care.

Depending on role or company specifics, applicants and staff members within the above industries should stay aware of the possible expectation to pass a drug test to secure—and maintain—a position over time. Staying safe and productive in one’s career and fostering fairness in the workplace with a drug-free policy is the ultimate goal of these screenings.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.