You’ve just gotten married and you want to spend your new life with your spouse without parents or in-laws getting in the way. So, you’ve decided to buy a house where you two can raise a family of your own. However, the house that you want is in a different region or state from your current residence.

You and your spouse want to move to that house as soon as both of you can. To make interstate moving easier for new couples like you, here are a few tips for you to apply:

Discuss with your spouse what to include in your interstate move.

Your relationship with your spouse worked even before you got married, because you found time to communicate with each other. Now that you’ll be moving in together, and out of state, you should discuss with your spouse what things to bring with you on your move.

If your spouse wants to bring something specific with them as you move interstate but you don’t see any reason why they should, talk to them first instead of dismissing them outright. Perhaps the item that they want to carry along brings back pleasant memories from when they were young, or they have a strong emotional connection to it.

Organize all items that you’ll be bringing with you.

If you pack your items in boxes without sorting first, you’ll have a hard time unpacking once you and your spouse get to your new out of state home. You wouldn’t want to find any of your tools alongside all of your spouse’s beauty products while unpacking, would you?

So, when getting ready for your interstate move, make sure to sort all items that you’ll be bringing with you accordingly. For instance, gather all of your clothes and pack them as one. Do the same for your spouse’s clothes.

Make sure that each box you’re bringing with you during your interstate move is labeled properly to avoid any confusion when unpacking.

For bulky and fragile items, consider hiring an interstate moving company instead of trying to move them yourself.

Unless you own a truck, that wooden bed where you and your spouse sleep together, and have decided to include as part of your interstate move won’t fit at all in the trunk of your car. Dismantling wooden furniture is out of the question as well because you’d rather move your furniture all in one piece, saving yourself from the hassle of assembling them again.

You and your spouse also want to bring that large mirror both of you are using as you move out of state. Even if it would fit inside your car, there’s no guarantee that mirror won’t become shards of glass by the time you reach your new house.

Instead of trying to figure out how to bring all of your large and fragile belongings all by yourself, hire an interstate moving company like North American Van Lines. They have the trucks and other equipment needed to move bulky items. They also know how to handle delicate items and transport them from state to state without any damage at all.

Moving to a different state can be challenging as you have to adjust to your new surroundings and adapt to the local customs and traditions. Make the transition easier by planning your interstate move carefully and executing it right. Follow the above-listed interstate moving tips for new couples like you. Whether you are doing the move on your own or with the help of a professional mover, migrating to another state should be an adventure of a lifetime for both you and your spouse.


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