A 35-year-old East Troy woman faces four criminal charges after police were dispatched to the Rivermoor Golf Club on Saturday for a report of a reckless driver.

Maria Billings was charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office Monday in Racine County Circuit Court with felony counts drunken driving, fourth offense, and battery to a law enforcement officer; along with misdemeanor counts of resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

The felonies each carry a fine of $10,000 and six years in prison, while the misdemeanors carry a total fine of $11,000 and a year in county jail.

According to the criminal complaint:
A caller advised police that the defendant was driving “all over the road,” had possibly hit a guardrail and had parked at the golf course. The caller told the officer that a female had stumbled out of her vehicle, fell down near the putting greens and went into the bushes.

Police located Billings, who was unsteady on her feet, had glassy and bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When asked if she had anything to drink, she replied, “vodka.”

Billings was unable to complete field sobriety tests, and as police attempted to handcuff her, she allegedly began to pull away. As they were walking her to the squad car, she started screaming, “murderer,” and tried to sit down and become dead weight. She also kicked one of the deputies in his groin.

When police took the defendant to a hospital for a legal blood draw, she continued to try and get out of her handcuffs and kicked the Plexiglas divider and side window. She continued to cause a disturbance at the hospital by yelling and screaming and told the staff there that the police had raped her.

Billings is due in court Oct. 3 for an 8:30 a.m. preliminary hearing.

Rex Davenport

Rex Davenport is a reporter, editor and editorial project manager with more than 40 years of experience in newspaper, business magazines and other content channels.