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The 24-year-old mystery surrounding the murder of Berit Beck, 18, of Sturtevant is one step closer to getting solved.

Investigators in April identified Dennis Brantner, 60, of Kenosha as the prime suspect in Beck’s death.

She was on her way in July 1990 to a computer conference in Fond du Lac when she disappeared. Brantner lived in Fond du Lac at the time of Beck’s disappearance and worked as a truck driver. Evidence in Beck’s van led officers to Brantner.

Fingerprints found on items like a Burger King cup, an employee manual and bleach kit in Beck’s van have been identified as Brantner’s, a story from WISN 12 News reads.

A search warrant of Brantner’s Kenosha home didn’t turn up any evidence in the Beck case, but police did find a gun. Because he’s a convicted felon and prohibited from having a gun, Brantner was arrested and charged in Kenosha County Circuit Court.

He has not been arrested or charged in Beck’s death. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney said it’s important that prosecutors get it right so taking the time to be sure every lead is followed shouldn’t worry anyone.

“As you can imagine, a case that’s over 20 years old, there’s a significant number of leads and I’s that need to get dotted and T’s that need to get crossed, and we never put a timetable on whether charges would be filed against anyone,” Toney is quoted as saying.

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