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It is with heavy hearts that we pass on the news that Suli, the Racine Zoo‘s red kangaroo, has lost her battle with cancer.

Suli was 17.

After having her pouch removed in 2013 because of cancer, Suli was reported in good health last summer. But, as so often happens, Suli was again diagnosed with cancer in December, this time in her stomach and lungs.

“We are proud of Suli for inspiring so many people with her determination to survive,” said Jay R. Christie, president and CEO of the Racine Zoo, in a written statement. “I hope the new procedures used to help Suli can be applied to help animals in similar situations.”

According to the statement, red kangaroos only live about eight years. Suli was born in 1996 and has lived at the Racine Zoo since 1998. She shared the the Walkabout Creek exhibit with Kylie and Coing, two other red kangaroos; common wallaroos; an emu; and black trumpet swans.

Later this summer, the statement reads, the Zoo plans to hold a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and “enrichment items” for Kylie and Coing.