Racine Zoo has announced the arrival of two news kangaroos, and a joey. They can be seen in the zoo’s Walkabout Creek exhibit..

Josie and Julia came to the Racine Zoo in October from the Los Angeles Zoo. The Racine Zoo was contacted by the Species Survival Plan – a national program that helps ensure the survival of selected species who are threatened or endangered in the wild – about housing Josie and Julia.

Shortly after they arrived, Zoo staff learned about Julia’s joey – who had just been born and was comparable in size to a jelly bean.

 Because of the extreme weather difference when they arrived in October, the decision was made to transfer the kangaroos to winter holding so they could adjust better to the cold climate and make their exhibit debut this summer. 

The Racine Zoo says that Josie and Julia’s favorite treats are corn and apples.

Josie, in back, and her zoo-mate Julia, arrived at the Racine Zoo last October, but are now out and about for the public to see.

Visitors to the Racine Zoo’s Walkabout Creek will be able to tell Josie and Julia apart from the other macropods in the exhibit by their light gray-brown color and white belly. According to a Zoo press release, the kangaroos enjoy spending time together, but are also following the female wallaroos around “and it looks like they are turning into good friends.”

Western grey kangaroos are found in the south of Australia in all ranges of habitat including forests and pastureland. Under human care, western grey kangaroos can live to be 20 years old, although in the wild the lifespan is closer to seven years.

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