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On November 3, Connie Cobb-Madsen will defend her seat against Karie Pope of Racine. We asked the same questions of both candidates. Looking to learn more about Cobb-Madsen, click here.

Here’s Pope’s answers:

Where do you live?


How long have you lived in the community?

My whole life

What is your educational background?

Associate Degree, a Paralegal Certification, and a MWCA (Certified Municipal Clerk)

What civic organizations do you belong to?

Member of political organizations such as Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women and the Wisconsin Republic Party. Each organization works towards bringing awareness of politics to people and promotes involvement on issues that affects their daily lives. Member of the Municipal Clerks Association and International Clerks Association.

What position are you running for?

Register of Deeds – Racine County

Have you ever held elected office before?


If so, what positions were you elected to?

Caledonia Village Clerk (2009)

In thinking about your election bid, what top three issues need to be addressed? *

(1) Customer Service

(2) Transparency

(3) Conservative Spending. I have 20 years of governmental experience at both local and county levels. As the current clerk for the Village of Caledonia, my responsibilities include working with the Register of Deeds office in a variety of ways using their programs for tax collection and dog licensing, recording land documents, preparing tax and assessment rolls, and use of the GIS system for land information including zoning, ownership and lot size. In addition, my duties include election administration, record preservation, and staff development. I believe in accountability, transparency, reducing costs, and providing an easier experience for residents to conduct their business. I have accomplished these goals by remaining within my allocated departmental budget, implementing online programs for public use, and transitioning to electronic poll books which have reduced human error and overall elections costs. I look forward to applying these skills and knowledge for the benefit of the residents across the county.

How would you plan to address those issues?

By utilizing my years of government experience.

In reference to those issues you have identified, what would success look like to you?

Success is satisfied residents and content staff.

Why are those issues important to you?

Because I care about the experience residents have in my office.

At the end of your term, what would you like to have accomplished?

A good reputation for the Register of Deeds.

Why should people vote for you?

This is more than a job to me, this is a position that I can make positive changes in, and those changes can effect the community I both live and work for.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know?

As a taxpayer and a Government employee, I recognize the need to be fiscally responsible. It’s important to me that those that come to my office for answers, leave satisfied. There is nothing better hearing thank you; you’ve been very helpful.

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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