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Now that snow cover has finally landed in southeast Wisconsin, Kenosha residents and property owners are being reminded by the Kenosha County Division of Highways of proper snow removal practices.

As residents are removing snow from the driveways and sidewalks on their properties, it is important to note that placing snow onto the roads is not only dangerous but also illegal.

“We ask for the public’s cooperation as we work to keep our roadways clear and safe for motorists throughout the winter,” said Kenosha County Highway Director Clement Abongwa.

Snow removal and driving statutes

Here are some highlighted statutes from chapter 346 from the Wisconsin State Legislature:

Wisconsin Statute 346.94(5), “Rules of the Road,” states: “No person shall place or cause to be placed upon a highway any foreign substance which is or may be injurious to any vehicle or part thereof.”

Wisconsin Statute 346.95(3) states: “Any person violating S.346.94(5) shall be required to forfeit $50 for each offense.”

It is important to note that if a resident deposits snow/ice onto a road and it causes an accident, the resident can be held liable for the accident and any resulting injuries and property damage according to Abongwa.

The second area of concern is snowplow etiquette. This statute comes with a hefty fine and points added to the offending party’s driver’s license.

Wisconsin statute 346.915 requires drivers to stay at least 200 feet behind a snowplow engaged in snow/ice removal upon any highway with a posted speed limit of more than 35 mph. Violators may receive a $175 fine and an assessment of three driver’s license demerit points.

“The additional space you provide a snowplow operator ensures your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists, and supports efficient snow-fighting operations,” Abongwa said.

The Highway Director also noted that when a snowplow is involved in an accident, “the driver and equipment will likely be removed from active duty, reducing the resources we have to make the roads clean and safe for everyone during a snow or ice event.”

Video courtesy of WisDOT

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for more helpful information for winter driving safety.

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