Sturtevant police say a 48-year-old Kenosha woman stole prescription drugs meant for area veterans while she was an employee last fall at UPS.

Michaele Robinson did not appear in court Thursday because her summons was mailed to the wrong address. Another initial appearance will be scheduled and a notice mailed to Robinson at her correct address.

Single felony counts of possession of narcotic drugs and personal ID theft and a single misdemeanor count of theft were filed against her last month. If convicted of these charges, Robinson faces up to 10 years, three months in prison and/or up to $30,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, police were notified last November by the Department of Veterans Affairs that several prescription drug shipments had gone missing for a period of about six months from the UPS center, 10240 Durand Avenue in Sturtevant. The situation came to a head when a man who was expecting his prescription never received it, and company records indicated a manual delivery confirmation was entered instead of a signature.

Police say that when authorities dug deeper into the delivery system, they found an electronic trail leading to Robinson, including using a supervisor’s creditentials into log in even while she was on vacation. She admitted to stealing the man’s prescription, but would not admit to the other thefts even after another case was identified where a customer received only a partial shipment of medication.

Robinson told officers she took the pills because her husband takes all of her money, and she’s responsible for raising a grandchild, the complaint reads. She gave the medicine to a neighbor to sell. Local UPS staffers told police they suspected Robinson was on drugs, but they didn’t have enough evidence to order a drug test.