Kewpee’s on Wisconsin Street is nearly 90 years young, and it’s popularity isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

The restaurant and its history was recently recognized in a story from Wisconsin Trails, and the reporter made note of the unchanged and beloved menu of burgers, fries, homemade root beer, malted milk shakes and crinkle fries.

“Crinkle fries come in an overflowing serving straight from the fryer, and crispy 1/6-pound burgers are served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and raw diced onions on a nicely toasted bun,” the story reads.

Former owner Dave Kristopeit told the website that part of Kewpee’s appeal is fresh ingredients made into simple and affordable fare folks can count on.

“It’s a simple formula,” he is quoted as saying. “”You use fresh product and you don’t change that formula — it’s a small menu, so it’s easy to maintain that.”

Kristopeit’s family has owned Kewpee’s for a number of years; he was the owner for 27 years after his dad, uncle and an aunt. It remains in the family; Kristopeit sold the restaurant to his brother-in-law in 2003, the story continues.